Essay The, Philosophical And Practical

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This proposed project shall operate simultaneously at two levels; philosophical and practical. At the first level, the study is part of a broader philosophical concern that attempts to comprehend the way(s) in which the world history moves forward (here, the word forward does not assume directionality, rather it is used in a temporal sense). While many philosophers have tried to approach this question from various perspectives, Hegel is often credited with theorizing it in his conception of the movement of history. Consequently, the present study operates within the Hegelian framework to comprehend and address this question in the contemporary postmodern world. In my understanding, one of the ways in which the movement and the direction of the world history can be systematically grasped is by observing the dialectical interplay between the two important forces (variables) of change; reason and religion. While religion can be roughly perceived as an organized set of beliefs that relate humanity to some higher purpose; reason, on the other hand, possesses a dynamic and elusive character that fluctuates with time and space. As Marx wrote in one of his letters to his friend, “[r]eason has always existed, but not always in a rational form (Cook, 2004; 4).” Therefore, the understanding of reason varies with individuals, societies, and cultures mainly because of the differences in their respective ontological frameworks of reason. The Western civilization, for instance, has an…

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