The Philosophical And Methodological Characteristics Of Continuous Quality Improvement

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Continuous Quality Improvement is when a health care facility involves all personnel in a perpetual search to improve the care received in their facility through having a plan to execute in an exact manner to provide care that meets the new standards or exceeds those standards. In the search for continuous improvement there are certain philosophical characteristics that are used to figure out what new standards are needed in the facility. There are also certain procedures or protocols that used to improve the overall quality of care given in a health care facility. There are also a multitude of characteristics that are needed to fulfill the obligations for the staff to meet the new expectations or exceed them. In the next few paragraphs I’m going to explain some of the philosophical and methodological characteristics of Continuous Quality improvement and explain what I feel are the valuable characteristics and why (Sollecito and Johnson, 2011 ).
First I would like to start with the philosophical characteristics that are used when figuring out new standards for health care facility to improve the care given by their employees. The philosophy for Continuous Quality Improvement is not that if it’s working then it’s all good but that most things can be improved no matter how well they are working. The thought is that the process can be improved upon so the individual can receive better care and a better environment in which to stay or live out their lives at. A good…

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