The Phase Of The Nursing Process Essay

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4020 Assignment
The purpose of this assignment is to discuss the phase of the nursing process in which assessment and care planning will be focused and also discuss the importance of communication and interpersonal skills within this process. The nursing process is a systemic approach used to improve the quality of nursing care (RCN, 2016). It consists of mainly five steps which are assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation and evaluation (RCN, 2016). The basic pharmacology and nurse’s responsibility in administering medication will also be discussed. This essay will also discuss how the theory can link with the practice by using a case study. Finally, it will examine how the personal reflection of experience with the patient leads to the future learning needs.
This essay will be focused on seventy year old lady, who was admitted in the surgical ward due to dysphagia (difficulty in swallowing) and neck pain. She had been diagnosed with oesophageal cancer one year before. In order to adhere to the confidentiality policy of NMC (2016) and the University Of Cumbria (2016) the patient is referred as Anne in this essay. The reason why this case is chosen is because; I worked closely with my mentor during the nursing care episode of Anne.
On admission my mentor introduced herself to Anne and helped her to orientate to the ward by showing facilities such as bedroom, toilet, locker, emergency bell and nurses station. After that…

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