The Pestle Analysis Of Mcdonald's

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McDonald's is an American hamburger fast food. It began in 1940 as a barbecue restaurant opened by Richard and Maurice McDonald. In 1948, they restarted their business as a hamburger stand, using production line strategies. The first McDonald's franchise opened up in Phoenix, Arizona in 1953. Ray Kroc then joined the company as a franchise agent and purchased the business from the McDonald brothers. Now days, McDonald's is one of the world's largest restaurant chains, with a daily amount of about 68 million customers in about 119 countries across an estimated 36,615 outlets. In the BBC report released in 2012, McDonald’s is the world's second largest private employer.

Founder of McDonald’s: Ray Kroc

Pestle Analysis
Political Factors
1. Increasing international trade agreements- McDonald’s
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Pending tax reform- McDonald’s also has the opportunity to develop its practices and strategies to lower the impact of taxation on them with not violating the law.

3. Evolving public health policies- The public health policy progresses more and tends to daunt people from buying fast foods from places like McDonald’s. The company has the opportunity to deal with this external factor by improving the healthfulness of their products.
Economic Factors
1. Stable but risky European economies- The current economic circumstances in Europe could effect McDonald’s growth in that region. This is a threat as the economy could decline which could effect the growth of Mc Donald’s in Europe.

2. Slowdown of the Chinese economy- The delay of the Chinese economy poses a threat on the company’s growth in Asia. This is bad as if could become worse instead of increasing.

McDonalds Menu
Social Factors

1. Widening wealth gap- According to the external factor of the widening wealth gap, McDonald’s has the opportunity to develop as the company’s target customers are mainly from medium and low-income households, which could lead to more sales in

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