The Pestle Analysis Of Mcdonald's

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Register to read the introduction… In burger and sandwich product chain, the main competitor is obviously famous Burger King’s and Subway, in particular Burger King’s stand the roughly 2 percent of the market share. Therefore, McDonald’s have to keep its competitive to survive from the completion. Basically, related the strength of the McDonald’s from pestle analysis, keep creative is indeed and cannot replaced. In order to build best quick service fast food chain, the most basic thing is make your fast food healthy and …show more content…
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|Technological Factors |
|Legal Factors |
| |
|Industry focus on technological effort: Technology may not give a very high impact to a fast food restaurant as McDonald’s compare |
|with any other industry. However, McDonald’s always use their creative and variance technology development to keep their market
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| |Pizza market |
|Threats: |Opportunities: |
|McDonald’s is exposed to changes in the global economy.(http://w w|Opening more joint venture. |
| 2005) |Carry on international expansion. With days gone by, more and |
|Competitive pressures are a threat for the McDonald’s. (Conrad |more citizen in particularly emerging market prefers to choose|
|Lashley,Alison Morrison 2000, p.12) |fast food for busy life style. Therefore, international |
|Unhealthy foods and lawsuits. ‘For years, McDonald’s had known |expansion is indeed and one of the core strategy for |
|there was a problem with its coffee. It was served much hotter |McDonald’s business.

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