Legalization Of Abortion: Right Or Wrong?

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Is it legal to kill people? Then why is it okay to kill an innocent baby that has not even been born into the world yet? Because that is exactly what abortion is: killing. 58% of people having abortions are under the age of twenty. This means that most of the people having abortions are scared and do not see another option. Not only will this woman later regret the decision she has made, but this abortion will take a serious toll on her as well, both mentally and physically. Regardless, at what stage of pregnancy is abortion no longer considered “okay”? When the fetus has eyes? Or hands? Or little toes? Considering 88.7% of abortions happen at the twelfth week of pregnancy, the fetus already has most of these characteristics. So I ask again, …show more content…
“In 2011, approximately 1.06 million abortions took place in the U.S., down from an estimated 1.21 million abortions in 2008…” (Unknown) According to this website, yes abortions have gone down but not enough. That is 1.06 million abortions, 1.06 million babies not born. The number of people getting abortions is going down, which is great considering in 1996 there were 1.36 million abortions. Many people are coming to realize that abortion is wrong, and the protesting and legal cases are making a difference. “Alabama, North Dakota, Texas, and Wisconsin passed laws requiring abortion providers to have admitting privileges at hospitals. These laws give hospitals veto power over doctors.” (National Women 's Law Center) If more doctors had this power to veto it would lessen the amount of abortions that happen in the United States. As I said before, most abortions happen in the twelfth week not many people actually know how developed a fetus is at this point. By week twelve the baby can wiggle its toes, is beginning to obtain its reflexes, the organs are beginning to work, and the eyes and ears are almost in their correct spots. I do not understand how women can kill an innocent baby because of their own mistakes. There are plenty of options for women who get pregnant and are not ready for children. There are 6.7 million woman who cannot have a child, or are impaired in some way. Some of these women would probably love to …show more content…
“Reasons in 2004, among the structured survey respondents, the two most common reasons were ‘having a baby would dramatically change my life’ and ‘I can’t afford a baby now’” (Finer, 110-118) If a girl does decide she needs to think of the consequences not only emotional, but physically. A few side effects that are most frequent are abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and spotted bleeding. These side effects can last as long as 2 to 4 weeks. Even though these complications are rare it is important to be aware. Some of these side effects are: infection or sepsis, damage to the cervix, scarring of the uterine lining, and perforation of the uterus. Of course these side effects are more risky the later a woman waits. Considering all the damage that could happen I cannot fathom anyone putting themselves through this when there are plenty of men and women who want a family and cannot have children. Some of the emotional pain is not visible right away. A study was given to women who had abortions and some who were turned away because they had passed the age that they could abort the child. “Among women who had obtained an abortion, 24%, reported feeling primarily negative emotions a week later, and 35% reported feeling primarily positive emotions. Another 23% had a low emotional response—feeling no or few negative or positive emotions—and 18% had mixed emotions.” (Rocca, 122-131)

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