The Perspectives Of Female Senior Nurse Administrators Essay

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Rosekate Ugorji
California Baptist University

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Brandi, C. L., & Naito, A. (2011). Hospital nurse administrators in Japan. International Nursing Review, 53, 59-65. Retrieved from The main point of this study was to explore the perspectives of female senior nurse administrators in the hospitals at Kansai region of Japan. The conclusion is that better organizational support, advance education, and a raised consciousness among nurses will enable Japanese nurse administrators to help advance patient-centered care, nursing development and empowerment. The importance of this study is that physicians were shown as the largest impediment to the advancement of nurses and many nurses in Japan tend to sustain the image of physicians as powerful and dominant. An implication for nursing role is that role ambiguity is a systems problem and current nurse administrator are in a position to write job descriptions and standards that will help prepare future generations of nurse administrator. Implication for nursing practice is that nurses need to raise their consciousness as to an oppressed group by understanding feminism as a means of advancing nursing practice. Implication for research is that more research is needed that will focus more on nursing leadership and ethical conflicts experienced by nurse…

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