The Perspective Of Salvation Throughout The World Essay

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The Perspective of Salvation throughout the World Religions Growing up in a Baptist home, weekly service was common. As a young child, the practice of going to church seemed to be just something that you did to go give thanks for what you had, pay your respects to God, to confess your sins and pray for things that you needed or wanted. As a teenager, I had no desire to continue the weekly trips to church. Once I turned 18 and moved out of my grandparents’ home I did not attend weekly service as I did when I was a kid growing up. Throughout my adult life, I traveled and met many people with different cultures and religions from around the world. Speaking and interacting with them it was interesting to hear about their religious beliefs, primarily on how they felt about their outlook on Salvation. Initially, when you talk to individuals about Salvation as it pertains to religion, the quick response is typically somewhere along the lines of them trying to do good things so they can go to Heaven. During the progression of my World Religions class, it became clear that the view of salvation was different throughout the world religions.
The Perspective of Salvation throughout the World Religions is very diverse. In the arena of religion Christianity, Judaism and Islam are said to be the Big Three, due to their very similar beliefs. According to Christianity, salvation is that no one can merit the grace of God by performing rituals, good deeds, asceticism or meditation.…

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