Essay about The Perspective And Symbolic Interactionist Perspective

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B. When it comes to analyzing sociological perspectives, the book breaks them up into three different views. The Functionalist perspective, the Conflict perspective, and the Symbolic Interactionist perspective. When it comes to religion, each of these perspectives has a different view entirely. First, the Functionalist view sees religion as something that has certain function in society. Émile Durkheim, French socialist, says that religion serves three main functions. Cohesion of the society as a whole. Social control over the population’s beliefs, rituals, and actions. And finally religion provides a purpose to the life of the population. Often religions have afterlives and rewards tied to them, so this gives the followers a reason to live a certain way or practice certain rituals. The second view of religion is the Conflict view. Those who hold to this perspective see religion as something that causes legitimate inequality. Karl Marx was one who held to such a view. He said that the ruling class used religion to make the working class more obedient and hard working with the promises of things in the afterlife. He said that the people of the lower class end up accepting their positon as below the upper class, and the religion just dulls the pain they are feeling like medicine. The third and final view is the Symbolic Interactionist view. This view sees religion as a way for people to have identities. There are some that use it as their main source of communication…

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