The Personality Traits Of The Big 5 Model Essay

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I completed The ViualDNA Who Am I Quiz?. This quiz was based on the Big Five personality traits:openness, agreeableness, extraversion, conscientiousness, and neuroticism. The Big 5 model is a taxonomy of personality traits that helps to identify people’s descriptions, or rating, of one another (Srivastava, 2015). The model was used by early trait psychologist, such as Cattell and Fiske. It is important to note that the Big Five Model is characterized to the extreme ends. For example, when observing agreeableness it can range from helpfulness to uncooperative (Burger, 2015, p.161). The ViualDNA Who Am I Quiz? is scientific because it’s basis is on the Big Five Model. As mentioned before Cattell and Fiske contributed to the Big Five Model. Cattell originally used a statistical technique, known as factor analysis to separate personality traits, however Fiske and other researchers developed Cattell’s idea into something more detailed. The researchers factor analyzed the the data collected from the research and concluded with the basic five traits (Burger, 2015, p.160).The Big Five Model is a great tool to identify personality traits, however many people find it too simplistic. In order to complete, The ViualDNA Who Am I Quiz? I was asked to answer questions I based on things that closely describes and interest me. For example the quiz asked “ Which is more likely to be your desk?”. I would then have to chose a between two pictures, a messy desk and a clean and ordered desk.…

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