The Personality Traits Of My Mother Essays

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Each individual has a personality. The personality traits one develops are often contributed by an influential person in their lives like, their favorite teachers, famous figures and commonly their own family members. The most influential person in my life would be my mother. Life is a rubber band, it stretches on and on, but eventually it snaps. As a result, during hardships in my life, I can always count on my mother to be reliable and sensible in order to soothe the situation.

I have always had an intuition that my mother is a systematized, diligent and an altruistic figure. Through her management skills and positive behavior, she encourages the family to be systematic within our respective lives. Furthermore, due to her organized character: She is able to set specific goals and ignore various obstructions. My mother is a diligent figure; She has a positive side which encourages me to put forth my effort to get the best situation out of it. She is very supportive through her actions and often influences me to show a positive side to the people I meet in my daily lives. Alongside being organized and diligent, she is an altruistic figure. As a result she devotes her time and energy in community service and each winter she donates food and warm clothes to the destitute.

Alongside my mother’s charismatic personality, she possesses the strength of being dedicated to fulfilling her duties and responsibilities in household activities as well as outside…

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