The Personality Assessment Inventory ( Pai ) Essay

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The Personality Assessment Inventory (PAI) implemented in correctional settings as a screening tool assessing a variety of institutional misconduct. Antisocial features (ANT), aggression (AGG), and violence potential index (VPI) are the PAI scales used to categorize potential aides in inmate misconduct. Any misconduct or undesirable behavior from inmates threatens the safety and security of any correctional institution. But when addressing the factors that contribute to such behaviors, intervention and possible prevention can take place. High risk inmates, those known for violent behaviors, possess as a critical threat to staff, other inmates and to the prison system. Over time, the correctional institution sought out other ways to classify and manage behavior in the institutions. Previous convictions and current status such as age, education, intelligence and type and length of sentence are known contributing factors that can help identify inmates who pose as a greater risk for misbehavior inside the institutions in response to this, the following “predictive” valid psychometric instruments were involved in the study: MMPI-2, Level of Service/Case Management Inventory (LS/CMI), the Psychopathy Checklist-Revised (PCL-R) and the Personality Assessment Inventory (PAI).
The PAI was used as a predictive tool in regards to disciplinary infractions. The PAI is widely used in mental health populations along with psychological assessment and treatment planning. The instrument…

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