The Personal Internet: The Negative Effects Of Social Media

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In 2005, Tom Anderson and Chris DeWolfe launched the website MySpace, a social networking site designed to virtually connect users from around the world via internet. Later that year, Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg established Facebook, one of the largest social networking sites in the world, which was soon followed by Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram. Although these outlets were surely not the first of their kind, they stand as the most prominent contributors to the wave of social networking, whether through apps or through a personal computer. I view social media as a source of entertainment and interaction, but because of that online stimulation, I spend countless hours on social media and not being productive.. I view social media as an …show more content…
Instead of social media being an online community that connects the world, it is a false sense of community that detracts us from important interpersonal relationships. Fast and easy online interactions have produced cyber-bullying, a quick check on a news report turns into half an hour on Facebook, and a harmless photo of someone with a beer bottle can ruin their chances of employment. It seems that along with the innovative and game-changing advantages of social media follows the long-term effects of using such as lack of interpersonal skills, dissemination of false information, lack of privacy, and entrapment to waste time. This information begs the question: “Is social media detrimental to society?” This question is accredited to social media having a wide array of positive and negative aspects to it. Although social media is seen as a virtual gold mine, it also contains many negative effects that deplete people’s use of time. Social Media has become an addictive pastime that induces insecurities and lack of interpersonal skills which is why it should be used on a less frequent …show more content…
Social media’s key purpose is for people all over the world to share and view interests through the website. As people become “friends” or “followers,” they are allowed to interact and share content with each other. Social networking sites became a frequent source of vast information and entertainment because of its easy access. Its convenience has become an addiction to large amount of people as they spend a huge quantity of their time on social media. Marcia Clemmitt, of the article Is Social Media Eroding Privacy?, Social media has also become a staple in many people’s lives as the first thing they do when they wake up is check their profile accounts or latest news feeds. The more frequently people use it, the more they are likely to receive long-term negative effects such as insecurities, addictiveness, and lack of interpersonal skills.
In the following essay, I will analyze the long-term mental effects of using social media through credible sources and concrete arguments. Although people perceive social media as just a revolutionary way of communicating, they do not account for the many mental issues it develops in its user. I plan to present how important it is for people to become cognizant of social media’s disadvantages and formulate an overall

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