The Personal Growth May Be Important For Me Essay

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The personal growth may be very important to me. People often ask me what I want to be when I grow up. Doctor, family, and respectful are said to have influenced my views concerning the role I am to play in society. I then measure how my role differs from my experiences of becoming what I want to be. My understanding of my sociology class has affected my ability to learn about gender and sexuality. Sexism is the belief that some people are less human than others on the basis of gender. My knowledge of sexism offers a better setting for me to see that culture and values of a society are developed. My knowledge and education opened my door of opportunity as an individual to understand better men and women’s lives. Education is a part of my past, present, and future where I learn so much more about the real world around me. Everyone will have their own views and standard for the way that everything around them should be—these views are simply stubborn and unchangeable. If my experiences or perspectives do not fit with an ideal of society, then I may have to change my opinions. I always thought that men are supposed to be tougher and women are supposed to be sweeter before I took this class. Often women are viewed as inferior and emotional through religious belief, which shows them a certain type of gender identity. Gender stereotypes are wrong when it concludes in breaking of human rights and importance freedoms.
My perspective needs to be an understanding among people just…

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