Essay about The Persistence Of The Mammy

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The persistence of the Mammy
Despite Oprah’s massive capital accumulation and cultural influence, Oprah, representing a contemporary exposition of “the mammy”; a cultural archetype constructed in order to rationalize the morality of slavery, in other words, the servant or caterer to a white family in the slave times. In correspondence to the role of the mammy which is to serve their plantation Master’s psychological needs or make them feel comfortable in their children’s’ minds. While Oprah’s modern day audience currently serves a predominantly white female, aging over 55. Oprah has forgotten the power level she possesses as a black women, the power she has to benefit the African American community; but she continues to elevate herself to the massive white audience’s level. With most apparent struggles of the African American community, financially, Oprah’s economic position is at no risk of failure at this point, with no means to help benefit the community. Some may convey Oprah as self-centered or selfish because she is serving the white folks, in a sense her wealth is generated by her white associates.
For many white Americans, Oprah Winfrey represents one of the most honorable blacks, she also holds a level a trust that’s unknown. Whites unimaginably, trusts Oprah. As trust is key, and re-elevating herself to white America, Oprah made a decision to publically announce her side of the 2008 election, when she embraced the candidacy of Barack Obama. As her endorsement…

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