The Persecution Of The Roman Empire Essay

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Throughout history, minorities have always been subject to persecution by countries and empires for a myriad of reasons. One prominent example occurred during Roman Empire with the early Christian Church. The Roman Empire, an empire infamous for its brutality and efficiency at conquering new lands and people, victimized the early Christian community. Even though it is quite evident that the Romans persecuted Christians, the reasons behind the persecution are more complicated than what they may appear at the surface. At its essence, the Roman Empire persecuted Christians and the Christian church because Christians posed a threat to the Roman government and the Roman way of life. The history of persecution of Christians is a long and very convoluted one. Christians faced different treatments from different Roman Emperors throughout the years. From the initial persecutions of Emperor Nero around 64 CE (Harris 369) to the persecution under the reign of Emperor Valerian in 257 CE (Haas 139) and to the final major persecution in 303 A.D under Emperor Diocletian (Keresztes 381). Each emperor had different motives and circumstances that encouraged the persecution of early Christians. In examining the religious, political, and social aspects, it is possible to attain a better understanding why Christians were persecuted by some emperors and why they experienced periods of relative peace under others. For example, there was relative peace for the Christians in the beginning of…

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