Essay on The Period Of The Paleolithic Era

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Paleolithic era, during which people used stone, bone, and other natural products to make tools and gained food largely by foraging (6). In other words, the society was hunters and gatherers. Men hunted animals to provide food for the family, occasionally it takes days to hunt animals and may not even come home with one. However women were gatherers generally had easy access through food such as plants and limited animals, but it was a steady source for the group to survive. The way of life was not easy for the Paleolithic for the reason that they were building temporary homes to accommodate where animals were abundant. In the contrary, Neolithic era was the beginning of agriculture and animal domestication (6). It provided easy access and steady sources of nutrition. Though men and women have stabilized ways of life. Such as women being a stay home mother and taking care of the family surrounding. Man in the other hand took care of farming and domesticates animals. Eventually led to labor division between women and men then later escalated to social hierarchies. Paleolithic and Neolithic age around 9000 B.C. E was the age’s mark of agriculture was first developed (6). Divisions of labor from both men and women cumulatively standardize by gender with time and the survival rate increase and ways of life improved.
During the Paleolithic era the people of Stone Age were hunter/gatherer sources of nutritious food such as animals and plants were plentiful, but their…

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