The Period Of Han And Gupta Dynasties Essay

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During the time periods of the Han and Gupta dynasties, both dynasties made contributions to their country’s basic structure that previous dynasties had damaged. During the 400 year period of the Han dynasty, China’s basic political and intellectual structure had been well rounded out and during the time period of when the Guptas were in power, classical India carried out its greatest period of political stability and both economic and cultural life was able to advance. The political and economic institutions of Han China were primarily based on the expansion of bureaucracy within their centralized government and their development of extensive internal trade and merchants. Although Gupta India did share a similarity in their development of trade and merchants, they instead featured more external trade and did not share Han China’s centralized government and expanding bureaucracy often focusing, instead, on regionalism. Roles of women within the two places were similar in the sense that women’s rights were limited and the emphasis on the power of the husbands and men was strong but different because women in Han China were allowed to make more contributions to society than women in India. Han China and Gupta India’s political institutions had more differences than similarities to each other. Overall, Han China structured a more centralized government than Gupta India. Han rulers retained the centralized administration and replicated a centralized government of the…

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