Essay The Period Of Ancient Egypt

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The most powerful person in ancient Egypt was the Pharaoh and the next in line was his wife. The pharaoh was supreme leader of the government and the region. A pharaoh became an almost iconic religious deity and was deemed the “lord of the two lands and the High Priest of every temple” by the people (Colorado State university, n.d.). He represented the gods of the Earth. Under him was a hierarchy of rulers to whom delegated authority was given to run different areas of the government. There were approximately 170 different pharaohs ruling within thirty-one dynasties whose vast reign ran from 3150 to 30 B.C. (2011, Dodson).
According to Countries & Cultures, the first dynasty began in 3150 B.C. But before the first dynasty, the pre-dynastic and proto-dynastic period began in 5000 B.C. and are divided into cultural periods named after the regions where the Egyptians began to settle (Countries & Cultures, n.d.). It was during the proto-dynastic period that Egypt began to unify politically, linguistically and regionally. Along the Nile river small cities began to form during this era. Most of the settlers lived in self-governing villages along the Nile river before unification. As peopled settled into their villages and cultures there began the formation of a central kingdom united under one ruler.
The first pharaoh was King Narmer who is considered the last king of the proto-dynastic period. King Narmer began the development of a centralized government and…

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