Essay on The Period Of Ancient China

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During the Neolithic period of ancient China it is believed that clans, multiple families who share the common name, were how the villages were differentiated, and that farming was the building block of society. Like most ancient cultures the ancient Chinese had a class system that they adhered to. This social structure was comprised of the king, the aristocratic elite, the peasants, the merchants, and the slaves. Yet again like most ancient cultures the two sexes had very separate distinct roles to play in society. It is at the top of the social pyramid that you would have the king, and during the Shang dynasty the king ruled with the aid of a main administration in the capital city. The king also divided his land into territories which he allowed the aristocratic chieftains to govern, however if the king did not approve of any one of the aristocratic chieftain he could then have them removed. This is unlike other cultures where you are born into the “upper class”. It is after the king and the aristocratic chieftain/elite that you have the peasants. The peasants were typically the farmers and on the occasion that the peasants were too poor to own their own farm they worked for the chieftain or other elite families. This practice also carried over into the Zhou Dynasty, however the peasants were also given a portion of land for there own. The merchants were not considered very highly in ancient China because they did not create anything, and they worked depending upon the…

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