The Period Between 1800 And 1855 Essay

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The period between 1800 and 1855 marked an era of expansion in American history including the Louisiana purchase, Mexican acquisition, California, Oregon, and development of the Midwest. This era, however, coexisted with a constant state of conflict and mixed feelings about slavery, reformation of society, and rapidly changing political stances. Most opposition and conflict was hinged at areas and topics the country had not decided to explore until then, including federalist opposition to the Louisiana purchase, northern support of the War of 1812, forced Indian removals of the 1830s, spirits of nationalism that extended to the West, and expansion of American values to areas including the Mexican Cession, Oregon, and Cuba. This divide between supporters and opponents of territorial expansion fueled sectionalism and therefore conflict leading to the resolution and finalization of a federal policy. In 1803, Thomas Jefferson quickly purchased Louisiana from Napoleon for $15 million to finance his war without consulting Congress. Jefferson, having been a strict constitutionalist, had broke away from his ideology. The constitution was devoid of any knowledge of expansion, pitting the federalists against him. Federalists were not keen about paying France, their enemy, as they had favored British relations. James Elliott stated, “By the treaty we acquire territory; therefore the treaty was unconstitutional.” In addition was the risk of losing prominence in the existing states.…

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