The Perils Of Obedience, By Doris Lessing Essay

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Obedience Jonestown the Peoples Temple

Through my research and findings of obedience to authority this ancient dilemma is somewhat confusing but needs understanding. Problem with obedience to authority has raised a question to why people obey or disobey and if there are any right time to obey or not to obey. Through observation of many standpoints on obedience and disobedience to authority, and determined through detailed examination conducted by Milgram “The Perils Of Obedience,” Doris Lessing “Group Minds” and Jim Jones “Jonestown The Peoples Temple.” We have to examine this information in hopes of understanding or at least be able to draw our own theories that can be supported and proven on this subject.
The first theory I read was a piece by Stanley Milgram “The Perils of Obedience” This was an article that appeared in Harper’s Magazine. Which had been conducted at Yale University an experimental test “how much pain an ordinary citizen would inflict on another person simply because they were ordered to do so by an experimental scientist” (Milgram 632). In addition to, he designs an experiment that forced participates either to violate their conscience by obeying the immoral demands of an authority figure or to refuse those demands (32). As I’m sure you can imagine, his experiment is full of examining statistics which credit his argument. He explains the teacher is instructed to read a list of words and ask the learner to recreate them back, if the learner answers…

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