The Performance Of The Nurse Manager Inventory Essay

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The Nurse Manager Inventory evaluates the skills and behaviors that are associated with successful nurse managers (Sherman, Schwarzkopf & Kiger, 2011). In this case, I evaluated myself using the inventory tool and discovered the competency of my skills. However, I found out the weaknesses and strengths in career planning, personal journey disciplines, and professional accountability. Significantly, the self-evaluation process assists in creating professional development. Furthermore, nurses’ managers should make an optimal contribution concerning coaching, motivating and guiding the professional team to deliver quality health care. For that reason, I discovered the strengths and weaknesses that can be used to analyze my health care practices.
Strength and Weaknesses
Personal and Professional Accountability The assessment outlines the need for personal growth and development. It shows how I am competent as a nurse at a personal level when guiding the entire workforce. It is important to display ethical behaviors and practices within the workplace. After evaluation, I discovered that I needed to undertake some activities to improve my nursing skills. Mainly, personal development and growth were rated as competent since I possessed the required nursing education, annual self-assessment, and action plans. A low score for ethical behaviors in the workplace illustrated the only area of weakness. In this case, nurse manager is meant to uphold a high level of standards in the…

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