Essay The Performance Of Keystone Light Share On The Beer Industry

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1. I think if this promotion is implemented, it can actually help achieve both objectives because starting with the first objective, I believe this can help improve the performance of Keystone Light share in the beer industry and likewise bolster consumer loyalty. Some researchers do share my point of view ex, according to (Aaker, 1996) "The performance of firms should benefit from having a loyal customer base, which contributes to market share. Brand loyalty generates favorable word of mouth and provides a strong reason for retailers to carry such brands". Keystones goal is to prevent the decline of business, and steal share from its key competitors, and increase by doing this promotion I think it would make keystone stand out from the ordinary. Especially being a non-premium brand, some consumers every now and then will want something different, some consumers do appreciate a business that goes out if its way to engage them and keep them satisfied. If this works out, it definitely will help set keystone apart and drive sales. The increase in sales will help improve display opportunities for Keystone Light. For objective two, and its objective being improving brand engagement, help establish a purpose and personality for Keystone Light’s new brand character doing this promotion reminds me of what other businesses have done to improve consumer engagement and sales for instance Dave & Buster. They figured that doing some extra for the customer no matter how negligible…

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