Essay on The Performance Of A Company

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Secondly we have private sector and events (companies who produce for a profit, marketing sales purposes and hotels, resorts), the third sector is voluntary (important role, charities and causes)
The structure of events industry regroups many actors who make the event possible, in the smallest events just some of them participate to make it but in the biggest one, they regroup in general all those actors: event management companies where customers find provision of the whole event, generally employed to carry out or manage all functions, we can quote the two most famous event management companies which are Jack Morton Worldwide who made 52 millions of pounds in 2015 and the second one is Banks Sadler who made 34.6 millions pounds in the same year.
Production companies also participate to create an event, on the other hand they are specialized in technical facilities, set design and ceremonies, projects management approaches lighting and audio-visual. The third one is the technical and Multi-media part where it is often hiring in service, the presentation equipment is also at a larger scale which can mean a whole presentation (political party conference, tickets, badges, registration) and video production. There are also catering companies where all aspects of refreshment are covered, it includes large contracting firms and small independent ones. We can also cite party planners who trait personal events and corporate events, celebratory in style, it includes professionals…

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