The Performance Goal : South High Determines Key Organizational Performance Measure By Collecting And Examining Data

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Organizational Performances South High determines key organizational performance measure by collecting and examining data. For example, our school has developed a performance goal that pertains to writing skills of students. All educators in the building are expected to meet the performance goals associated with the writing. This goal was created by examining the scores of the PARCC exam and the written portion of the SAT. The students lacked the necessary skills to write essays correctly. The school saw the need to improve the writing the techniques of the students, this is why the performance goal was established.
Collecting Data to Measure Overall Organizational Performance Our school collects data to measure the overall performance goal by collecting data form educators every two weeks. Educators are required to submit data that is associated with the performance goal every two weeks. The data will be based on the school performance objective, but associated with their content area. The data is also collected and reviewed during all CFIP meetings. Educators and administrators will collect and review the data of the performance goal. These meeting occur every two months. During these meetings educators and administrators will discuss the data and how to improve the data. The educators and administrators will develop action plans to improve the data of the students. The process of collecting data is not working as it should and needs to be improved to work properly.…

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