The Perfect Plan Of Medea Essay

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Medea has the perfect plan and she uses an unlikely source to do it. Yet, before she could put her plan into action, she begs Jason to convince his new wife to accept their kids as it is not fair that they get to be exiled from the only place they know. Jason, who at first was okay with having his kids exiled, wavers and decides to okay the situation and convince his wife into accepting his kids. Medea, now having her means of transportation, decides to do something special, “I too will aid thee in this task, for by the children 's hand I will send to her gifts that far surpass in beauty. My children, take these wedding gifts, and bear them as an offering to the royal maid, for verily the gifts she shall receive are not to be scorned” (153-157). Medea, seeing a means of opportunity, takes advantage of Jason 's weakness and hands the children a robe and a crown of gold to the children for their new stepmother. Taking offense to this, Jason declares that they have the finest stuff and they have more gold than they could count, only for Medea to declare that it is like a bribe as all girls like new pretty things and it will help her start to like them, or at least accept them. As the group leaves, convinced that the gifts are only bribes, the messenger comes back to Medea with news of what happened and a warning:
“from the crown of her head blood and fire in mingled stream ran down; and from her bones the flesh kept peeling off beneath the gnawing of those secret drugs, He…

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