The Perfect Paragraph, By William Safire And Kurt Vonnegut Essay

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Learning to be an adequate writer for some people can be as easy as putting a pen to paper, but for others it can be a difficult process. It is hard being a new student facing the first essay paper wondering what to do next; there are a lot of confusing and tricky processes to follow, and rules to abide by. While the plethora of resources made available to avid seekers is limitless, it is no surprise that writing still isn’t easy. Taking that into consideration, two profound works in writing, William Safire and Kurt Vonnegut provide their readers with an excellent starting platform in their writings “The Perfect Paragraph” and “How to Write With Style”.
William Safire is well known for being an acclaimed New York Herald Tribune columnist with being credited for many publishing’s. Safire gives his expert advice on how to form paragraphs in his writing “The Perfect Paragraph”; he uses narrative writings dressed with stories and examples about forming the perfect paragraph to inform his readers on the basic concepts of paragraphing. Safire demonstrates how important it is to break things off into paragraphs. He explains it in a visual way for his reader, such as when he talks about how it is as important for a writer to use paragraphs as it is for a singer to take a breath, “The Perfect Paragraph” is easier for a reader to get through because the author offers the information in an enjoyable manner. While Safire is amusing to read, he does not provide his audience with a step…

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