The Perfect Package For A Hero Essay examples

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Courage, nobility, and bold deeds - the perfect package for a hero. Fictitious or not, a hero is usually defined by these statements, including two men, Odysseus and Louie Zamperini. In the epic poem by Homer called The Odyssey, a resilient and bold man named Odysseus faces a ten year journey filled with many obstacles. He constantly faces problems and has to always find a way to solve them. Not only does he have to stay out of trouble, but he also has to keep himself and his men alive in order to go back and regain his kingdom. While Odysseus has to worry about regaining his kingdom, Louie Zamperini has to worry about the Japanese planning to steal his beloved land: America. In WWII, Louie gets captured by the Japanese and is tortured relentlessly and repeatedly. Not only that, but he has lost his dignity and pride, which bores a hole in him. Away from his grieving family who think he is deceased, Louie constantly gets whipped and is forced to do excruciating labor, getting almost nothing in return. Although these things happen to him, he still has hope and kindness and gives to others whenever he has the ability to do so. The definition of a hero would fit both Odysseus from The Odyssey and Louie Zamperini from Unbroken by Lauren Hillenbrand because they both display courage, nobility, and perform noble deeds.

Odysseus and Louie are heroes because they display many acts courage throughout their stories. In The Odyssey, Odysseus has to solve a problem in which the…

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