The Perfect Body Image

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Body Image
The perfect body is something that every person wants but very few posses. Many people will do just about anything to either fit in with their community or cover up their insecurities. Women are clearly more obsess with obtaining the perfect body more than men. From an adolescent’s viewpoint, a particular body image can be particularly dangerous because it can lead to a physiological obsession, eating disorders, and physical health consequences (Berger, 2014).
Adolescents can become obsessed with obtaining the perfect body. One factor that plays a large role in obtaining the perfect body is the media because it is constantly promoting diets, cosmetics, fitness, and celebrities’ ups and downs with their weight. The media only portrays the best and the most
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This is psychologically threatening to teens with low self-esteem because they become obsessed with being thin or totally ripped.
According to Fedorak, the desire to look appealing is a crucial factor in creating an ideal body because people want to boost their appearance. Both men and women desire to look better in various ways such as wearing jewelry, getting tattoos, grooming, etc. A person’s environment is key in creating the perfect body because peers and parents mold the idea of a perfect body. It is like what Fedorak said, “The ideal body is learned (Fedorak, 96).” Adolescents need to be taught that their imperfections are perfect because it means that he/she is human. Unfortunately, eating disorders have become exceedingly common in North America.
Eating disorders and ideal body image are directly related because most societies’ influences are persuading women to become thinner and thinner. According to the Canadian Pediatric Society, “the path to developing an eating disorder begins with either dieting or over exercising during adolescence. There have been estimates that up to 40 percent to 60 percent

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