The Perception Of The Environment Essay

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Everyone in this world has their own views and perspectives towards life that is unique to their very nature. The perception held by every individual is based on their own interpretation of various factors and mainly two factors that are highly interactive namely: the individual’s subjective interpretations concerning the surrounding environment and the environment itself (that is external to the individuals themselves). The perceptions of the individual can affect his or her health either emotionally, physically or mentally. For example, coming across a snake in the house could lead to anxiety and panic to one individual, while to another person it could be no issue at all. An individual’s interpretations towards the environment include the evaluation of the individual in regards to their ability to adapt to the environment, and also the idiosyncratic assessment of the environment itself. Moreover, adapting to the environment includes assumptions with regards to what is required in any particular situation (such as coping with a person’s external environment) and assumptions that target one’s natural ability to cope with an event’s emotions (such as coping with a person’s environment internally) (Weathington, Cunningham, O’Leary & Biderman, 2001).
Adopting Psychological Concepts to Life Situations
Personality by definition is where a person is deemed to be relatively stable and has unique styles of responses with regards to their emotions, thoughts, and…

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