Essay about The Perception Of Policing And Police Officers

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The perception of policing has been in existence for many years and for all those years’ society views of the police has remained pretty much the same. In numerous books, movies, and television shows, the society has been presented with a view that idealizes police officers as fearless crime fighters who think little of their own safety as they engage in daily shootouts with drug dealers, serial killers and organized crime hit men. Police officers are expected to deal with many calls for serviced each year. But the number of calls police officers get that are related to enforcing the law is a small part of their day.
The truth is that a significant portion of a police officer’s time is spent handling minor disturbances, service calls, and administrative duties. “In an effort to protect the lives of the public and their property within the communities they serve, police officers are given the responsibility of maintaining law and order, prevent crime, and improve the quality of life for all citizens” (“What Does A Police Officer Do,” 2013). Studies conducted over the past two decades have found that social services and administrative tasks consume more than half of an officer’s time and account for more than half of the officer’s calls. A lot of commissioners now recognize that police officers are better equipped to be a civil problem solver than an effective crime fighter. Instead of ignoring, denying, or fighting the reality is that police departments are being reorganized…

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