The Perception Of Police Officers Essay

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Data Collection and Instrumentation
The purpose of this study is to examine the implicit biases of police officers to better understand factors which may contribute to certain adverse behavior during encounters with black males while on duty. Therefore, participants for the research consist of police officers from the Capital Police Department (CPD). The stakeholders are the seven-hundred police officers who are employed by the Capitol Police Department. However, the surveys, interviews, and observations will primarily concentrate on officers who work at the four precincts due to the fact they have the greatest contact with local citizens.

The data collection for this research starts with access to the Capital Police Department personnel, which is complex, making it difficult to conduct a large number of interviews. However, it is the plan of the researcher to communicate with associates connected with the police department, and exercise student status to gain access to allow the officers to participate in surveys, interviews and observations (ride-a-longs). Bogdan and Biklen (2007) discussed using connections, asking the right people the right questions, and emphasizing the student role for supportive cooperation, which may help to gain entrance into hard to penetrate organizations. Once approved to administer surveys, it will allow further areas to open, allowing improved access for inquiry.

Additionally, the collection of documentation of police encounters will…

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