The Perception Of Human Nature Essay

1537 Words May 11th, 2015 null Page
The mind is a complex term that is always changing and forming. It is not easy to define the mind but it can be proven to exist. Throughout the ages the perception of human kind has always changed. It is human nature to change and become a different self but the person always stays the same. Now in the present, the topic of history is presented in almost every school to promote the mistakes done by certain groups of people. The reason this is made is because without knowing the mistakes and learning from them then, you will keep making the same mistake. Time and knowledge is what helps a person grow. Growing is not just a process that is only for humans but animals also experience growth. Animals experience mental and physical growth like humans but every species grows differently. Humans differently from animals are the only ones that have the ability to verbally communicate with each other in an intricate way. Individually each person grows with each new experience. Since not one person is the same person as someone else, different opinions are made and that causes a lot of conflict but usually humans find a resolution or a way to find one. Personally, throughout the course of Core, I have encountered multiple problems and solutions that eventually lead me to have a new perspective of life. Core enabled me to expand my mind to a small portion of everything in the world. Communication is very important in life. During Core we would discuss the topics of the week. It was…

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