The Perception Of Having Children And Childbirth Essay

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It can be a matter of seconds to change a perception that an individual has long held constant. I am an opinionated person since the beginning and I need real examples which involve my presence to shift a perception from something to the complete opposite. This essay will narrate my usual perception about having children and childbirth-the way I used to think before and how that perception has changed since time.

I am approaching the age when everybody around me is beginning to get engaged, married or has children. My older cousins and family members are all in the process of tying the knot soon and at times it is rather boring and uninteresting to hear them about their experiences. I usually never took an interest in children as I rather prefer a life in which things including the phenomenon of having children is on my terms, which means when to have and how many. I believe having kids and the process of child birth is tedious and requires a woman to be mentally ready before she commits her body and mind to such a dedicated thing.

The perception changed after I saw one of my cousins having a child, who is about to be two years old in a month’s time. My cousin had a hard time with pregnancy. She got married five years ago to her long time partner, and had been trying to have children. I was much younger but aware about pregnancies and childbirth, and the hard work that a couple especially a

mother had to put in, in order to take care of the child. First, she and her…

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