The Perception Of Blind People Essay

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The word ‘blind’ isn’t likely to be equated with an actual blind person in today’s world, more often is it used to represent a more abstract concept. Blindness has come to represent a great variety of things in literature, being used as a metaphor for everything from ignorance to supernatural powers. These views of blind people as being different have become engrained in our minds after many years of establishment through literature. Nevertheless the opinion held by many people who actually experience blindness themselves (including the President of the National Federation of the Blind) is that their ideal would simply be to be treated the same as anybody who still has their sight. However, People who are blind can’t do anything for themselves, they are different and more incapable than ‘normal people’, at least that is what the new movie Blindness may lead one to believe. Groups that support the blind plan to boycott the movie and, in my opinion, they have more than enough reason to: from nearly as long as literature has existed blind people have been objectified, used to depict some great unknown; whether the mystery that became synonymous with blindness is favorable or dark and seen as punishment, the notion that blind people are different from everybody else can be a very harmful stereotype to those who simply want equal treatment.

In what ways did the negative stereotypes of the blind originate from literature? It was common for blindness to be viewed as a terrible…

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