The Perception Of A Child Is Growing Up The Same Way Essay

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When a child is growing up, they might think that everyone grew up the same way. But, is that true, mostly likely not. For me, I might think that everyone lived with their parents, siblings and a grandparent. I know at least one person who thought the same way. Some might think living with two parents is weird. I guess it would depend on our culture. What is “culture” you ask? It is the ideation, symbols, behaviors, values and beliefs that are shared by a human group. Which means, not everyone has the same opinion or views as you but some might. Culture is not to be confused with worldview. They are different. Worldview is the lens on how we view a particular area. The way I view politics might be different from how you view this area. I’m going to write about three areas that shaped me to think the way I do.
My parents come from two different back grounds. My dad was raised by a single mother. My grandparents divorced when my dad was two years old. He basically had to raise himself due to my grandmother working. My dad seemed to be what most people would call a troubled child. He hardly went to school, smoked, and did other drugs. He was arrested multiple times. My father ended up dropping out of high school in the Ninth grade because he was put in special education classes and was being taught the same thing over and over each year. With that being said, my dad wanted my siblings and me to get a good education. He had a rule that we could not do…

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