Essay The People Of The United States

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There are many immigrants in the United States, and I believe that every immigrant is bi-cultural. I am also bi-cultural. Cambodia has a king, and the United States has a president. People of Cambodia usually are dependent, quiet, and traditional. People of American are independent and outspoken. Khmer is Cambodia language, and English is the American language. Being bi-cultural in the US, I am influenced by the language, figure it out my identity and how to cope and understand the different perspectives in society. First, being bi-cultural in the U S is struggling to speak English to others, especial with my kids. They are going to school, so they are using proper English is limitation. When my kids had trouble with their home work, and I tried to explain to them so many time. Although I tried to explain to them so many time, they still didn’t understand the home work. I gave up and asked my sister in law to help them instance. Sometime I feel unhappy with my limitation of my English, because I can’t fill my children’s need. My feeling and Mrs. Lube Quintanilla are the same, because we wanted to help our own children to be success in school. Page (461) paragraph (13,14). In addition, I wanted to be socialize with others, but I was afraid of using my broken English. When I go to gym, everybody is talking to each other except me. Because I can’t make a long conversation in English, I rather chose to stay quiet. I assume every body think of as an arrogant person,…

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