The Penitentiary System : A Large Component Of The Overall Criminal Justice System

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In any country, the penitentiary system is a large component of the overall criminal justice system. Cultures around the world have been using imprisonment as a form of punishment for crimes for thousands of years. But it wasn’t until the 1900’s that prisons started to be reminiscent of the ones we have today. In 1918, after gaining independence, Poland began to centralize its prisons that had once been part of Russia, Germany and Austria. In total they had 33 large prisons, 70 even larger facilities, 35 small institutions, and 400 detention centers. In 1928, all prisons were placed under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Justice and also divided into three classes. The first prison in Poland was A force called The Prison Service controls prisons in Poland. They are an armed, uniformed service that reports to the Minister of Justice. These correctional officers operate under a government act set in 1996 that regulates the scope of work, obligations and rights of officers, and the organization of the service. Prison Service personnel attend training centers to learn how to be a prison officer before beginning work, and then attend in-service training programs while working as an officer. These in-service programs are more specific to the actual work being done. The Central Training center of Prison Service is located in Kalisz, Poland. After being accepted for work and completing initial training, officers move to the next step in their career development.…

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