The Pedagogy Of The Oppressed By Paulo Freire Essay

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In the excerpt from the Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paulo Freire, the author critiques current educational morals by emphasizing the political qualities of the system and metaphorically labeling it as a bank. Freire introduces the “banking concept” which is where students are portrayed as empty vessels that are effortlessly filled with knowledge to memorize and repeat without applying it to the natural world. To solve this dilemma, the essay offers an educational route called “problem-posing”. This method incorporates communication within the classroom which increases creativity. The two concepts are extremely polarized between student oppression and liberation. Although Freire institutes “problem-posing education” as a feasible resolution, there should be an equilibrium between the two systems to establish a balance of educational freedom and discipline in school.
Throughout the essay, there is the proposition that there are only two standpoints available in the educational world: “the banking concept” and “problem-posing education”. A teacher could either be affiliated with the “banking concept” which reinforces mental immobility, or they utilize the “problem-posing” arrangement to facilitate communication and cultivate student individuality. If we could mend the learning habits from both standpoints, it is possible to establish a collaborative atmosphere with appropriate measures of control, creating an efficient and sensible mechanism of teaching.
In order to achieve…

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