The Pearl : Novella Vs. Motion Picture Essay

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The Pearl: Novella vs. Motion Picture

The John Steinbeck novella, The Pearl, and the movie of the same name have many differences, but they both follow the same mood, emotions, and symbols. The novella and the movie both give you the feeling of what it was like to live in that time and place. There were many deep personal connections in the book and the movie that was subtle, but were portrayed well enough that readers and audiences would be able to understand. John Steinbeck 's 1947 novella and the 2009 movie version of The Pearl follow a similar story line, but there are countless differences in the characters, setting, and plot.

Both the novella and the movie portray the setting as a beautiful little fishing town in Mexico. The book leaves an image of the setting in your head, while the movie had great cinematography shots, which showed the beauty of the area. " 'The town lay on a broad estuary, its old yellow plastered buildings hugging the beach. And on the beach were the white and blue canoes that came from Mexico...The beach was yellow with sand, but at the water 's edge a rubble of shell and algae took its place '" (Steinbeck, 1992, p. 13). Steinbeck (1992) also describes the setting as having mangroves and brush houses on the beach. Zacharias (2009) added the doctor 's house to the setting, which showed the changes in the doctor 's character and the plot. Overall the movie depicts the setting as nearly the same as the book describes it.…

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