The Peace Maker Essay

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"The Peace Maker"
Critical Book Review

Ryan Stewart
February 6, 2005
CO/BU 4493
A "biblical guide to resolving personal conflict", this, in a nutshell is what "The Peace Maker" is all about. In this critical book review I will be taking topics from the book and giving the reader my personal views on how I either reacted or related to the topics covered. My goal for this paper is to give the reader a non-biased opinion of "The Peace Maker", which was published by Baker Books in June of 2004. To first critique a book you must have some background information on the author himself and why he is qualified to write a book on conflict management through a biblical perspective. Ken Sande is the author of the book as well as being the
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By following these four G's you will bring praise to God and hopefully open up others to his glorious ways. At times in the book the author's point of view goes from being an informer of ways to deal with conflict into being more of a preacher of the ways of Christianity. In my own mind everyone is entitled to their own opinion on religion but in this book there seems to be some reference to going out and persuading others to believe in the ways of Christianity. To try and persuade someone to believe in religion, if they are not willing listen, is a sure fire way to start a conflict, which is why I feel this book contradicts itself in some ways. An example of this is where Sande wrote in chapter 7on page 145: "The apostle Paul could be similarly indirect. Instead of hitting the Athenians head-on with their idolatry, he first engaged them on a point of common interest and moved gradually into the good news of the one true God."
To me this states that the apostle Paul was trying to convert the Athenians to Christianity because they believed in a different God, which is in direct contrast with a point made on page 154: "While it is true that we have no right to force out personal opinions on others, we do have a responsibility to encourage fellow believers to be faithful to God's truths, which are presented in Scripture."
To understand my point of view on this book you

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