The Pax Of The Roman Empire Essay

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The Pax Romana in the Roman Empire From 27 B.C until 180 A.D, the Roman Empire brought on a incredible level of peace and prosperity between Europe, Asia, and Africa.This time period was known as the Pax Romana, which translates to "Roman peace" in Latin. The Pax Romana started with Emperor Octavian.also known as Augustus. An Egyptian scholar, Philo, wrote that Augustus protected the peace, ended wars, and civilized tribes. Without Augustus, the human race would have had been destroyed. From that point on, the Roman Empire flourished. For almost two hundred years the Roman Empire experienced many achievements and advancements in trade, government art and architecture.

According to the Greek writer, Aristides, Rome was ‘a common market for the world '. During the Pax Romana, the Roman Empire had about sixty and eighty million people living in the Empire. Goods had to be coming into the Empire in order to maintain the people healthy. The Roman Empire had a massive network of trade routes by land and sea. Roads were built for military uses but also for trading. The Romans made the roads by layering sand, cement, and stone.The sea routes covered the Mediterranean Sea and Black Sea. There was an important port called Ostia that was only fifteen miles away from Rome itself and on the mouth of the Tiber River. Ships arrived at Ostia from North Africa, Spain and France. The most important item that came through Ostia was grain. About 400,00 tons of grain came North Africa,…

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