The Patterns Of Tobacco Consumption Essay

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2011, p. 37). This was attributed to “the patterns of tobacco consumption”; Tobacco purchases began to decline for men during the 1960’s, but remained a common purchase for females until the 1980’s (Canadian Cancer, 2011, p. 37).

In Canada today, the estimated morbidity rate of lung cancer is one in every 11 men, and one in every 15 women; with a mortality rate of one in every 13 men and, one in every 17 women. These statistics prove that the leading cancerous death for both men and women is lung cancer (Canadian Cancer, 2011, p. 57).

Acute and Chronic Complications Associated with the Disease- ask Jennifer for help finding chronic complications

Lung cancer is a disease that can cause acute and chronic complications. Those suffering with lung cancer will experience immediate acute complications such as; “problems breathing

(such as shortness of breath, wheezing, a hoarse voice, and a cough that gets worse or won’t go away) …., chest pain, especially when you breathe deeply or cough…, coughing up blood (called hemoptysis) …., chest infections (such as pneumonia) that are frequent and won’t go away…, fatigue (feeling very tired all the time) ... unexplained weight loss and loss of appetite (feeling that you don’t want to eat)” (Lung Cancer, 2015, para. 4). Many daily activities that someone is used to performing would be highly affected by these acute complications. For example; climbing stairs, walking, making meals, going to work; anything requiring physical…

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