The Patient 's Rights And End Of Life Care Act Essay

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Although this topic is controversial, the patients should be allowed, in certain circumstances, to end their lives. There are circumstances where living would cause the patients more pain with no promises of recovery. And even then they may still die because of a relapse or they may even be in constant pain for the rest of their lives. Then there is the argument about what happens to the tissue samples as well as the body after death. What happens with the body normally is the family or government, in the case of John Does, takes care of the body. But what happens to the tissue samples is another story altogether.

To begin with the Patient 's’ Rights and End of Life Care act in France. This act was put into action in 2005, this Act enabled patients for withdrawal of life support treatment and the use of medications to speed up death. Five years after this Act was put into action surveys were conducted. These surveys were conducted randomly, each questionnaire was sent to physicians that had certified or attended to these cases of death. The results were shocking to some, 16.9% of the deaths were sudden deaths with no information about the loss of life. 12.2% decided that they wanted to do everything possible to prolong life, 47.7% of patients followed at least one medical decision to that might hasten death. (Sophie Pennec, Alain Monnier, Silvia Pontone, Regis Aubry) This study had shown that a patient 's choice of ending their life is common in France, but not all of the…

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