The Patient 's Microbiology Test Result Shows That The Blood Culture Has No Growth

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 Micro- The patient’s microbiology test result shows that the blood culture has no growth. Whereas, the respiratory culture was obtained from tracheal aspiration and has positive test results with many WBC’s less than 25 squamous epithelial cells, moderate Gram-negative Rods, many Pseudomonas aeruginosa and moderate Klebsiella pneumonia which was resistant to Ampicillin.
 CBG- Capillary blood gas results conclude that the patient has moderate hypoxemia and the acid-base status of this blood gas could be interpreted as compensated respiratory acidosis or compensated metabolic alkalosis. Obtained capillary blood gas values of the patient are as follows; PcCO2 51 mmHg; PcO2 53 mmHg; HCO3 32; and pH 7.41.
4) Chest X-Ray- Patient’s chest X-ray looked abnormal with an incorrect positioning of an apical lordotic view but showed adequate inspiration as there were 9 visible ribs seen on the X-ray, trachea was observed to be in the midline and has tracheostomy tube tip ends 2.28 cm above the carina; soft tissues and bony structures appeared unremarkable as there were no broken ribs and total 9 visible ribs observed on the X-ray; normal cardiac silhouette as the heart was observed to be half the size of the chest; right hemi-diaphragm was higher than the left with sharp costophrenic angles; has no pleural effusion and pneumothorax; lung fields showed sub-segmental atelectasis of the right upper lobe as there was some consolidation observed on the X-ray; Tracheostomy tube for oxygen…

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