The Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act Essay

1268 Words Nov 30th, 2015 null Page
The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act required that every state have a fully operational health insurance exchange which was either established by the state or federal government. Mississippi currently has a marketplace for individuals in which it was established and is operated by the federal government, called the Health Insurance Marketplace.
The first year of implementation of the Affordable Care Act in Mississippi was a sheer disaster. In a state stricken by diabetes, heart disease, obesity and the highest infant mortality rate in the nation, President Barack Obama’s landmark health care law has barely registered, leaving the country’s poorest and perhaps most segregated state trapped in a severe and intractable health care crisis.2 In June 2013, the Republican legislature of the state of Mississippi blocked plans to expand Medicaid.
In 2014, Mississippi ranked last as the worst – performing health care system in the nation. This is in addition to being ranked last during the previous survey conducted in 2009. The survey was conducted by the Commonwealth Fund and was based on approximately 42 different measures which assessed everything from insurance coverage to avoidable hospital stays to vaccination rates, at the systemic level; and from obesity rates to how many adults have lost six or more teeth, at the individual level.3 Also, according to the Commonwealth Fund, Mississippi has the largest percentage of adults without medical care due to cost.

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