The Patient Protection And Affordable Act Of 2010 ( Ppaca ) Essay

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Nurse Colleagues Impressions
Within the Patient Protection and Affordable Act of 2010 (PPACA) many programs were able to be implemented based on the PPACA provisions. To create change one must work together with others to help advance nursing to provide quality care for our patients, while at the same time decreasing costs. Many nurses today may have different viewpoints on the programs that were implemented. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the nurse colleague’s impressions in regards to the anticipated health care delivery, and the new roles of nurses in hospital settings, communities, clinics, and medical homes.
Anticipated Healthcare Delivery
To demonstrate the nurses view points on the anticipated healthcare delivery many believe that the nursing field has expanded its care towards their patients and families. In the nursing colleagues facilities many nurses are being able to advance their education, allowing them as nurse practitioner to provide most of the patients care verses the doctors. Based on the nurse colleagues impressions they have seen many improvements on the prevention of illnesses among patients with chronic health conditions, further decreasing costs and hospital stays.
Hospital Settings
Moreover, based on the nurses colleagues impressions of the nurses roles in the hospital setting, many advanced practice nurses such as the attending registered nurse have helped many patients to easily transition from discharge to their homes. Many patients…

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