The Path Towards A Successful Life Essay examples

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College, for most it is the one true path towards a successful life, on the other hand I do believe that there is more than just a simple career path, but rather a process to make a productive member of society. Not only does it improve multiple aspects of a person 's life, it creates lifelong habits for a better productive member of society. As it is a expansion to the mind on how it thinks, and the way that it processes information. Almost as if it is a passage of rite to better yourself, and change over to an educated member of society. While most are in school for a paycheck, still they unconsciously add more to the ever increasing amount of society that contribute to a greater cause. That education is not only for themselves in a quest for self improvement, but for everyone in their community. In the beginning, college is a large load of work, and it does not get any lighter the further a person goes into their chosen career path. Whether they choose to pursue a AA, bachelors, Masters, or a PhD in a particular field of education; they must learn new habits to better plan out their loads of coursework. Even to the point were juggling a job, and large amount of coursework becomes a part of life, and the need for planning becomes a necessary portion of a person 's daily life. This forces a person to learn new habits that will permanently be etched into the mind for use later down the line in life. To proper grammar, or a larger abundance of knowledge, these…

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