The Path Of Destruction Of The Sun Essay

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Path of Destruction
When the sun was shining, there was a breathtaking view of the lake and the mountains. The mountains were covered by picturesque trees, and the waves would be rolling freely with the wind. The boats are scattered across the lake, people fishing along the water, while tourists are taking photos. My eyes could see everything that was going on in the town below, on the lake, and even in the hotel pool located to the right of my hotel room. The lima bean shaped pool was filled with people of all ages, who enjoy spending time with family in the beautiful summer air.
All of a sudden everything started to change. Boats were hopping over waves to get back to the docks, parents were lifting children out of the pool, while others were gathering all of their pool necessities together. The trees appeared to be bright green, and swaying against the dark grey sky. The sun was trying to run away from the blanket of clouds chasing across the entire sky. My stomach started to turn into knots. I hated thunderstorms. The ear shattering sounds of thunder, and flashes of violent lightning lifted little goose-bumps from under my skin. There was a monstrous storm coming.
The television started beeping over and over again, and the weatherman appeared on the screen with luminous red letters reading, “Severe Weather Alert.” I had no idea of what was going to be following the grey blanket of clouds covering the sky. Mother was running around frantically, keeping an ear on…

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